Photo courtesy of Rich Norton.

Age of Steam Memorial

Preserving the steam era for future generations.

2500 Today

Jim still serves as Chairman of the Age of Steam Memorial committee, and thanks to his efforts and other dedicated volunteers like him, the 2500 has survived the years in relatively good shape. In fact, the gray paint on the rails and pea gravel shown in this picture were recently provided by a local Eagle Scout who preferred to remain anonymous.


These commendable efforts show the love of steam is still alive, however, several major projects are needed to keep the 2500 Memorial viable in the years to come. These include asbestos removal, jacket replacement, and a new paint job, and will require funding well beyond the amounts currently available to the Memorial.


Also, many of the volunteers are no longer able to perform the maintenance duties required for such a locomotive, and new volunteers are greatly needed to continue this preservation effort.


If you are a railfan or just want to help out, please contact us via the Contact Us page and let us know! Wed be happy to hear from you!

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